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Safety Consultants for film Tv production

We are quilified height safety consultants and can provide advide and auditing on stunt safety rigging and television filming safety. For flying actors or game show safety rigging where any personnel or actor may require to do stunt work in a safe enviroment.

We can provide stunt actors that are trained for high flying by cables and safety rigging systems, contact out Project Manager for further information if you have a production quiry.

Our expert safety consultants are available 24hrs to provide you with advice around the clock for film shoots or emergency planning.

We provide a full rescue stand by service with qualified senior first aid personnel and paramedic personnel.

Each project has a senior safety manager that manager the project so that all systems are consulted through a senior safety technician for planning and operations of any type of film stunt work.

We also have trained stunt performers that can do hight rise stunt works for tv commercial or filming, we have experence in safety stunt works and abseiling stunt rigging.

Please contact our Safety Manager on 0414 594 965 to discuss you requirements.

Actor safety rigging and flying stunt works

Stunt consultants and safety rigging specialists

Please go to our photo gallery for recent stunt work we previously performed.

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All your safety requirement in one company.

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