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anchor point

Industrial Rope Access anchor point installation

Industrial Rope Access certified stainless steel anchor points for commercial height safety, where personnel connect to pre installed anchors located on the roof pre drilled into the concrete or structure.

We can install various types of rope access anchor points that can be chem set into the concrete substrate or through bolted into a steel structural component, each anchor is then load tested every 12mths.

Industrial Rope Access anchor points are all rated to 15kn max load and SWL load tested to 7kn as per work cover requirement and Australian Standards compliant.

Each individual anchor point installed is tagged after testing recording the date time and anchor location for reference of the user.

Industrial Rope Access anchor points for window cleaning

ATest is done using a Hilti test 4 to certify the roof safety anchor points for window cleaning and abseiling access building maintenance.

Please go to our photo gallery for previous installs.

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