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Height Safety Systems

We will come and design a safety system that is in compliance with all workcover and australian standards for personnel to access a fall risk area, we will design and implement a industrial heigth safety access system intergrating static line, ladder brackets, fall arrest lines and anchor points including full industrial rope access safety anchor systems.

Out experence in heigth saftey allows us to provide you with a quality and cost effective solution for heigth safety as all roofs in NSW must have a fall arrest and or rope access system installed in any fall zone wihtin 2metres where personell require access, and it is a requirement that all personnel working in these zones are connected to a heigth safety anchor points so in the event of a fall the anchors will arrest and suspend ther personnel in the event of a fall.

We specialise in different types of height safety systems from single static lines installs to full single anchor points abseiling access systems including track rebelays and more.

The requirement state that any personel working in a zone that has a risk of a fall within 2 meters must be fastened to a safety point, in Sydney our team work all over the metropolitan to investigate and provide works proposals to roofs that have nosystems installed or non compliant areas.

Industrial Safety is key to good business relations and trip accident within a fall zone, as often the most common cause is due to personel tripping within the fall zone and requiring restraint before the event of a fall and or trip hazard.

All safety anchors are load tested to 7.5kn and rated to 22kn MAX systems installed (excluding tile anchor or redundant anchor) are load tested and certification is given after systems has been installed.

Please inquire for a free call and quote to see if you roof complies call 0414 594 965.

Anchor Point Installation Costs

Costs very from system to system depending of type and qulity (although all comply to standards) as there is very elaborate system availbale depending on your budget requirements, we can offer cost effective system options please inquir to discuss you options available.

PH: 1300 789 474

Please click the link below for prices although a site inspection is nessicary to provide you with a quote.

Please go to our price list for by clicking here for prices on individual anchor points costs.

Free Call and Quote

Please contact our Project manager Nicholas Stansell on 0414594965 for a free call and quote we can come free of charge and proivde a full safety report and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what is required and compliance report.

Discount for first time customers if you email us this discount code #:57412

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