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Height Safety Design Consulting

Our expert team of height safety designers can come to survey your safety requirements and implement a concept design of a safety system that will suit you access requirements and comply with relivant compliance standards.

All our safety systems are workcover approved and comply to legislation to height safety and fall arrest systems and use.

The current requirements are that any area or work zone that any personnel can be exposed to a elivation within 2 meters of a 1.8meter fall zone, and requires that any personnel working within this zone must be safely restrained in the event of a fall and also have a energy absorbing system incorporated within the working syste.

We will come free of charge to inspect and survey your roof and safety requirements and provide a detailed report and works proposal within 48hrs from site inspection.

For new concept design of building we also do offer a arcitectural consultant service for proffesional design impoementation for new concept designs, please inquire by email our contact us page for more information on these services.

There are various design and installation types availble on the market and it is within your interest to consult us on what options are avaiable working wihtin client budget requirements and systems design constraints.

Similar systems types are used on the harbour bridge for the bridge climb for public to access a walkway and be safely secured in the event of a accidental fall. We to can provide you similary system either temporary or perminant safety lines for personnel access.

Each system design will come with detailed design specification for all parts of the height safety system including load rateing on each compoient and structural load bearing for design loading.

Height safety system static rescue lines can be used for high rise safety for personnel to access a roof top and be connect to prevent the event of a fall, depending of structural conditions there are many different types of safety systems available depending of budget and structural enviroment.

We can also provide full safety auiting for existing systems of temporary workcover compliant systems, for working contractors.

Construction safety for fall arrest is very important so all of our personnel have green cards for site safety induction and are all fully insurend and cover by our company workers compensation policy.

Please contact us now for further information on 0414 59 40 65 or email

Anchor Point Installation Costs

Anchor Point installation and certification is a important part to keeping out trades community safe to prevent unnessicary incedent and accidents happening in the workplace, that why we offer a compeditive solution for all your height safety needs, if our submitted cost estimate is higher that a previously submitted quote we will match the quote.

Please click the link below for prices although a site inspection is nessicary to provide you with a quote.

Please go to our price list for by clicking here for prices on individual anchor points costs.

Free Call and Quote

Lorem Please contact our Project manager Nicholas Stansell on 0414594965 for a free call and quote we can come free of charge and proivde a full safety report and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what is required and compliance report.

Discount for first time customers if you email us this discount code #: 1287

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