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Fall Arrest Safety Systems

Fall arrest safety systems can be developed for various areas of access requirements. All of our fall arrest height safety systems comply to the all current legislation for safe working at heights, as it is a requirement that any personnel working at a height above 1.8meters must be safley secured and restrained to prevent the event of a fall.

We can come free of charge to survey the require work zones and provide a detaled report as to what systems and requirements are need to provide a safe work area.

Accident prevention is the most important part of working and should be the first stage considered before any work is carried out, when working within 2meters from a zone that is hight than 1.8meters it is required that you are restrained in the event of a fall.

We can provide temporary fall arrest systems for various tasks when working on a roof, we can install temporary anchor points or attach to a structure with webbing and attach a static safety line connected to each anchor point.

All systems Temporary and Perminant are all test and certified with ALL installations and are installed in compliance with all relivant standards in Sydney NSW.



Anchor Point Installation Costs

Anchor Point installation and certification is a important part to keeping out trades community safe to prevent unnessicary incedent and accidents happening in the workplace, that why we offer a compeditive solution for all your height safety needs, if our submitted cost estimate is higher that a previously submitted quote we will match the quote.

Please click the link below for prices although a site inspection is nessicary to provide you with a quote.

Please go to our price list for by clicking here for prices on individual anchor points costs.

Free Call and Quote

Please contact our Project manager Nicholas Stansell on 0414594965 for a free call and quote we can come free of charge and proivde a full safety report and provide you with a detailed breakdown of what is required and compliance report.

Discount for first time customers if you email us this discount code #: 57412

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